Baker's Dozen Cover

Baker's Dozen

Guy’s 13 fundamental principles for financial independence are time-tested and philosophically sound principles. You will learn first hand from Guy’s own experience how he applied these principles to create wealth in his own life. Baker’s Dozen highlights the value of securing the family’s welfare before taking on the risk of higher yields. A valuable book to help you understand sound financial advice.

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Investment Alchemy Cover

Investment Alchemy

What investment strategies should an investor mix together to achieve long-term financial success? Investment Alchemy describes a sensible, systematic method for shaping your long-term investment decisions. Guy’s insightful and informative book guides you through the components of Modern Portfolio Management and describes a method you can use to make intelligent investment choices. It’s a great book to reinforce investment concepts.

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The Box Cover

The Box

The Box Booklet is a 24-page explanation of the mathematics of life insurance. A great companion to The Box Audio Tape. Great as a “Give-away” for your clients.

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Market Tuneup Cover

Market Tune-Up

Market Tune-Up highlights the business and marketing concepts Guy has developed through trial and error. He uses these every day to improve his practice. This book includes all phases of the sales cycle (opening, fact finding, designing, presenting, and closing) plus many usable marketing ideas you can implement to increase sales to your top sales prospects. Learn how to open large cases, hold their attention and ultimately make high impact sales – the kind you have always dreamed of making.

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