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Baker’s Dozen

Guy’s 13 fundamental principles for financial independence are time-tested and philosophically sound principles. You will learn first hand from Guy’s own experience how he applied these principles to create wealth in his own life. Baker’s Dozen highlights the value of securing the family’s welfare before taking on the risk of higher yields. A valuable book to help you understand sound financial advice.

The Box

The Box Booklet is a 24-page explanation of the mathematics of life insurance. A great companion to The Box Audio Tape. Great as a “Give-away” for your clients.

The Great Wealth Erosion

I wanted to write a book that shows why how you allocate is equally as important as the fees you are charged. This book reveals the impact of hidden costs on return and how to build a portfolio that has the highest probability of success over an extended period of time

How To choose a Financial Advisor

Bill joined me for a breakfast meeting.
He wanted to discuss his upcoming
retirement plans and how he would be
able to build a stable and consistent
income in retirement. After discussing
the three retirement questions virtually
no one can answer, I showed him the
Wealth Teams Solution. At the end of
the meeting, he shook my hand and
said, “Thank you! I feel so much better now.” I told him, “This is
why I do this — to help people find hope in their future and provide
a way to achieve their retirement goals

Liability-Driven Investing

According to the Transamerica Retirement Center’s 2014 retirement study the biggest problem facing retirees today is the very
real possibility they will run out of money before retirement ends.
Longevity, market risk, and inflation are
certainly the biggest enemies to building and sustaining a successful retirement
plan. A close fourth is the threat of long
term healthcare costs. As a result, retirement planning sets up a conflict between
important but offsetting objectives. A retiree needs to protect and preserve capital
at all costs. The greatest fear facing retirees
is running out of money, but they may be
forced to spend down their account faster
than originally planned.

Maximize The Red Zone

Most business owners work a lifetime building an organization so they
can convert it to income at retirement. But when is the best time to start
the process? We call this time the Red Zone. It is the final distance between
where you are today and where you will be when you are ready to turn off the
lightsfor the last time. Maximize The Red Zone describes what you need to do
during the short time you have left to develop your plan. Experience tells usthat
the sooner you start to plan, the more compound interest you have available to
help you, and the easier it will be to make a successful conversion.

Simple Retirement Math

Planning for retirement is becoming more important for many
Americans, especially Baby Boomers as they now near
retirement. This generation will likely be the last generation to
have access to any kind of employer-sponsored pension plans
provided as part of their compensation package. The only option
for retirement savings then, at least in the private sector, is selffunding and the historic transition from employer-funded
retirement plans to self-funded retirement accounts is practically

Wealth Team Alliance

Bulid wealth reduce risk

Aggressive Allocation

Wealth team alliance